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About UCW

Urban Cellar Winery is a fully operational winery and event space. Think microbrewery, but for wine. We manufacture and craft our wines right here in Fayetteville. But guess what? We don’t own a vineyard... & we like it like that! We source our grapes from all over - seriously.  Depending on the varietal and harvest, we select our fruit from different vineyards all around the world. Since we’re not tied to a single region or vineyard UCW is able to offer a wide range of varietals.

Fayetteville's Urban Winery

Our Story

Urban Cellar Winery, formerly known as Blended Barrel, was reestablished in 2021 by Fayetteville local Cassidy Ginger.


Growing up in Fayetteville, Cassidy always knew she wanted to add something special to and continue to grow with this already amazing town and community.


When the opportunity arose to reestablish and recreate a local winery, she jumped at it.


The past few months have been filled with diving deep into the art of wine making and transforming UCW's tasting room into the intimate and inviting wine cellar Fayetteville has always needed. Come as you are and enjoy the experience of wine!

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