Capacity: 45 seated, 60 standing 



Alcohol can be prepaid and predetermined by the host and our bartenders will serve the guests, or guests can order and pay for what they want from our bar.


Wine is $8 a glass and $14 for a flight. If the minimum is not met by the guests, the host is responsible for the remaining balance. A good rule of thumb is the average guest will consume one beverage per hour of your event.



You are welcome to bring in food that you have prepared or you can source food from a caterer. Client or caterer is responsible for providing dishware and flatware. If you would like help connecting with a caterer we would love to help!



If you would like to decorate the winery for your event you can have access to the winery 30min prior to the event. If more time is needed, please just ask us! 



  Charcuterie Boards  

UCW can provide charcuterie boards for $7/person. We present these on locally-made boards and they are a beautiful addition to the wines we make.



Custom design your own labels to elevate your event. Have your custom wine on display while being served or give guests the option to take home a bottle (or 2) of wine with your custom label. Custom labeled wine is great for businesses and social clubs! We can turn any picture, design or artwork into a label! 


Custom wine labels

Creating a custom label is a great way to add a personal or professional touch to your wine. Have a mother-in-law you never know what to gift? Or a best friend you share a funny inside joke or memory with? Or possibly a family crest you would love to show off at the dinner table? Wine with your custom label can do just that!


Your custom label can be created from your own design, artwork or picture.

If graphic design is not your thing, don’t sweat it. We can design a label for you!

Labels are great for Weddings & Bridals Showers, Social Clubs, Birthdays, Graduations, Holidays, Realtors, Small Businesses, Corporate Gifts, Retirement, Special Events, Thank You's, and just for fun.