Join Urban Cellar Winery and become the winemaker. Email us to get started and reserve your date. Here is what you can expect!


  1. Choose your quantity - mini barrel, half barrel or full barrel

  2. Decide what type of wine you want to make - we offer whites, reds & rose. You can stick to the basics or choose up to 3 different varietals to create your own custom wine blend. 

  3. Come in on your scheduled date and let’s start the fun! We will lead you through primary fermentation and design your custom label! 

  4. Our winemakers will take your batch of wine through secondary fermentation, stabilizing and clearing. 

  5. Come back on your scheduled date for barrel tasting, bottling, corking, foiling and labeling of your custom wine! 


Mini Barrel - 25 bottles

Half Barrel - 45 bottles

Full Barrel - 90 Bottles



Mini Barrel - $700.00 ($28/bottle)

Half Barrel - $1,100.00 ($24.44/bottle)

Full Barrel - $1,850.00 (20.55/bottle)


Mini Barrel - $600.00 ($24/bottle)

Half Barrel - $950.00 ($21.11/bottle)

Full Barrel - $1,550.00 ($17.22/bottle)


Mini Barrel - $550.00 ($22/bottle)

Half Barrel - $850.00 ($18.89/bottle)

Full Barrel - $1,350.00 ($15/bottle)

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